Where Do You Back Up Your Photos?

I know most of us can relate that storing our photos are a real dilemma. This has been my challenge since the digital age started and I became a mom. Aside from storage problem, we also need to back up these photos to avoid losing them due to unforeseen circumstances.

I could consider this as one of clutter organization that needs thorough attention. Of course, this entails keeping our memories intact.

Taking photos, and I mean lots of it, are fun to do especially if it means filling up your memory bank with different moments of your family life. The stolen ones are my most favorite of all.

We have tried storing our back up photos in numerous CDs/DVDs, USB, and external hard drives.


Photo from Pexels.com

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What’s Baking Friday: Flower-Themed Birthday Cake

Project Sweets' Flower-themed Birthday Cake


That was one stressful weekend! Last weekend, I mean… Lols!

I will also add that, thinking of what decorations will I do to the cake added another level of stress. This is supposed to be a therapy for me. Haha!

I thought of using the basket weave tip on the sides of the cake for that basket effect.

The initial plan for the cake was a basket of roses. A square chocolate cake piped with caramel buttercream frosting on the sides using the basket weave tip and then fill the top with different colors of piped flowers. Roses, daisies and tulips particularly.

I was nervous on how will I be able to pull this off because this is not a decoration that I always do. I want to learn new stuff when it comes to decorating cakes, that’s why I’m taking risks on this. Not to mention I am praying really hard (still on my planning stage) that they will like it.

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The Light Through The Storm

Today was one of those great days when we get to learn about God’s word through our small Christian group.  Also, I’ve got to share some bible verses related to this post.

Faith Journal on The Light Through The Storm


Each and every one of us experiences struggles in our every day lives. We tend to worry, almost every little thing that doesn’t go our way, those that doesn’t fit in any of our life’s plans. We spontaneously get worried instantly!  We immediately devise action points, plan B, up to plan Z if more unpleasant situation branches out.  We think up more plans and try to do every ideas we can think of to do whatever we can just to resolve all the difficulties we are facing.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. – Matthew 6:34 NIV

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